Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Home Among the Gum Trees

Home Among The Gum Trees
I've been around the world
a coupleof times
or maybe more
I've seen the sights, I've had delights
On every foreign shore
But when my friends all ask me the place
that I adore I tell them right away
Give me a home among the gum trees
With lots of plum trees
A sheep or two, a kangaroo
A clothes-line out the back
Verandah out the front
And an old rocking chair
You can see me in the kitchen
Cookin' up a roast
Or Vegemite on toast
Just you and me, a cup of tea
Later on we'll settle down
And mull up on the porch
And watch the possums play
Some people like their houses
With fences all around
Others live in mansions
And some beneath the ground
But me, I like the bush, you know
With rabbits running 'round
And a pumpkin vine out the back
(Chorus Twice)

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